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Tournament Rules: The National High-School Federation Rules and Regulations will apply to all tournament games, except where superseded below. The Down by the River tournament is a Grade Base Tournament. Teams must arrive 45 minutes prior to scheduled game time. (We will start a game 30 minutes early if court is available).

Tournament Rules:

  • All Divisions will play 13- to 15-minute stopped halves. 2nd – 6th Grades: 13 minute halves. 7th – 8th Grade: 15 minute halves.
  • Foul Shots: Must let the ball hit before entering the lane.
  • Timeouts (1) 30 sec & (1) 60 sec. per half, NO carry over. (1) 30 sec. in OT, NO carry over.
  • Fouls (5 per player) (10 team fouls is 1 & 1) (13 team fouls is double bonus, 2 shots)
  • (Pre Game Warm-up 4 minutes) (Halftime 3 minutes) (Overtime 2 minutes)
  • 20 Point Lead – 20 points or more clock runs until lead is 19 or less.
  • All Forfeits are a 15-0 win.

Team Responsibilities:

Each team is allowed 2 coaches in the event. All Coaches are required to have their credentials with them at all times to enter event. (There will be a $30.00 fee to replace a coach’s credential.)
Down by the River will supply the game ball. (Each team must have their own warm up balls.)
Home Team is listed on the left of the game schedule, sits on the left bench facing the game clock, and wears light color uniform.
Visitor team sits on the right bench facing the game clock, and wears dark color uniform.
1st technical foul assessed to a coach or player there is no penalty other that the technical foul shoots.
For the 2nd and following technical fouls, the player or coach does not participate in the remainder of that game. The person must leave the building once the 2nd or after technical is called, at that point in the game and until the game is complete.
Teams are allowed 10 minutes before a forfeit.
The Clock keeper and Book keeper only at this table.
Clock keeper and Book Keeper will be supplied by Down by the River.
No checking of official book by non- participants during the game.
The Down by the River book is the official game book used by referees.

Tie Breaker:

  • If 2 teams are tied, head to head between the 2 teams determines winner.
    If the 2 teams did not go head to head, then point differential will be used with 15 points being the maximum allowed.
  • More than 2 teams tied, teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential, highest number placing first, the second highest placing second and so on.
    Defensive Point System- If 2-3 teams are still remained tied after the above tie-breakers, the team with the lowest total points allowed will advance. The remaining teams will revert back to & start at tie-breaker.


  • Coaches, players, parents and those attending event must be good sports and have proper conduct. Swearing & bad language will not be tolerated. Site Directors have the option to remove anyone from the tournament.
  • The offense must advance at least ten yards in four downs, or plays, or else they turn over the football to the opposing team; if they succeed, they are given a new set of four downs. Points are primarily scored by advancing the ball into the opposing team’s.
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